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Cannot create database ‘AzureStorageEmulatorDb510’ : The database ‘AzureStorageEmulatorDb510’ does not exist.


The fix

Dev tools are changing all the time. Although, there is a claimed “permanent” solution by reinstalling. I am happy with a quick manual fix by manually creating the localdb database ;-)


SQL Server Developer Edition vs SQL Server Express Edition

There are many answers you can find on the Interweb. Here is my take.

SQL Server Developer Edition

  • It is a server grade SQL server database
  • It has all the enterprise SQL server features, e.g. data analytics
  • User case: It is a full blow SQL server for software development purpose
  • The offline installation file is 1.2 GB

Server Express Edition

  • It is a desktop grade SQL server database
  • User case: it is a tool rather than a backend SQL server database
  • The offline installation file is 50 MB in size

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