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Cover Story: Marketing Eco-systems in China

What are the same?

The marketing concepts are the same in China or not, for example, marketing segmentation, conversion rates, and (virtual) foot traffic.

What are different?

However, your typical Email Direct Marketing (EDM) won’t work in China because most of Chinese users don’t use it.

Social media will be your friend but Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are blocked in China. Therefore in order to succeed in the Chinese market you need to familiar with the Chinese social media eco-system.

China Social Platform Platform Name Meaning Global Equivalent Comments
WeChat Mini chat Nothing like it Whatsapp + Facebook + Game + App Store + Office suite
Weibo Mini blog Twitter  
DianPing Review Zomato  
Lieping Hunt & hire LinkedIn There is another newer contender called “maimai”. It is sporting on an AI recommendation engine to extend your professional network.
Tiktok   Instagram Tiktok is basically short video version of Instagram. “Red little book” is a new dog on the block. It is a TikTok for exposing audiences to new products but its videos seem to be more salesy.
Youku Good & cool YouTube  

So, what do the Chinese users use you may ask? WeChat, DianPing, Weixin, Little Red Book and etc. Social Media Marketing User behaviour


WeChat is a super app. It wants to be your Internet by provide all your digital service you will want all within its eco-systeme, from chat to social groups to marketing to payment to game to work. It’s crazy.

WeChat Sub-systems Similar Services Audience
WeChat personal account WhatsApp Individual
Taobao eBay B2C eCommerce
WeChat Discover Google+ circles Individual
WeChat official account Facebook pages or marketing portal Media, Company
WeChat official account Chat and bot Company
WeChat Mini Programme An app store but no installation is required (or you won’t feel the installation) Company
WeChat Work Office suite Company


DianPing (点评) means review in English. It is popular for two main functions, which are geo-fencing and recommendations.

The scenarios is that Joe Blow arrives in a big shopping mall for first time. DianPing’s geo-fencing search engine will tell him any interests (restaurants, cinemas, pubs and etc) near by. Joe will skim through the options, the reputations (stars), and comments left by previous visitors.

Once decide on a resturant, Joe will use DianPing again for recommendations on dishes. Here we go. This is how DianPing can generate foot traffic for a restaurant.

Unfortunately, DianPing’s customer journey often ends here. Once Joe sit down at a dining table he will close DianPing and order his dishes in person or via a WeChat mini program.

China Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner Opportunity from Mark Smith


National Day Parade and Missiles Naming Convension

I am always ignorant about Chinese military development, but decide no longer the case while watching the PLA military parade during the Chinese national day ceremony.



Abbr. Full Name Example
ICBM Inter Continental Ballistic Missile DF-5B
SLBM Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile JL-2
IRBM Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile DF-26
MIRV Multi Independently Targated Re-entry Vehicle DF-41
HGV Hypersonic Glide Vehicel DF 17

Naming convension

Abbr. Full Name English Translation Comments
YJ Ying Ji 鹰击 Eagle strike Smallish missles compare to the others
HQ Hong Qi 红旗 Red Flag Between HQ and DF, I think there is a fuel difference
DF Dong Feng 东风 East Wind  
JL Ju Lang 巨浪 Tsunami Submarine based ICBM

National Day Parade and QR Code

The prevalence of QR code in China is obvious when you can spot them on Chinese soldiers’ dog tags. image


Microsoft just announced a slew of new devices. My first reaction was in a to see Microsoft and Google pertnering is

Product Catefory CPU OS Price    
Surface Duo Phone (folding) ARM Qualcom? Android      
Surface Neo Phablet? (dual screen) ARM Qualcom? Windows X      
Surface Pro 7 Tablet Intel / AMD Windows From $750 to $2200 The device to go for if you want to run Win32 applications.  
Surface Pro X Tablet ARM Qualcom Windows   Comparative to iPad Pro.  
Surface Go (no change) Laptop   Windows      
Surface Book 3 Laptop   Windows      
Microsoft Ergo Keyboard Periphral          

Source to


Alibaba and SalesForce announced partnership in Auguest 2019. The detail of the partnership will come later. Microsoft Dynamics 365 online seems to be ahead of the game in the Chinese market. Their Chinese version of the Dynamics 365 online is called “moon cake”, and it is on the ground and running since July 2019. Also, SalesForce lacks of an on-premise version which Microsoft has. Disclaimer: I am bias on this one.



Web browser > Dev tools > console > document.designMode = “on” || “off”

It allows you to edit a web page like a Work document

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